Á la carte

Portion of Asparagus-Cold-
14,50 €

with sauce vinaigrette and home-cured Norwegian Salmon


Matjes Herring 1 double fillet with black bread
9,50 €
Matjes–Fillets “Cologne style“
16,50 €

with bacon potatoes

Rocked-salad in balsamic-dressing with Italian Parmesan cheese
10,50 €
Green salad in vinaigrette of fine herbs
13,50 €

with backed goat cheese
with fried breast of cajun-chicken

Vitello Tonnato: Veal slices in Tunny-sauce
13,50 €
Prime boiled beef - cold-
16,50 €

with vinaigrette sauce and roasted potatoes

Terrine of goose liver with apple-ginger-salad
14,50 €

portwine-jelly, sauce cumberland and brioche

Paste-muzzles “Cologne-Style”filled with black pudding,
10,50 €

served with paprika-sauerkraut and brown onions

2 Potato Cakes with home-cured salmon and shrimps, chive sour cream
14,50 €


Potato-soup “Cologne style”
7,50 €

with fresh vegetable and slices of crispy bacon

Aspargus cream soup
7,50 €
Ramson cream-soup with strips of salmon
8,50 €

Fish Dishes

Fried fillet of pike-perch with rucolarisotto
25,50 €

served with fresh mushrooms

Wild salmon filet, white Asparagus and new potatoes
26,50 €

served with sauce hollandaise

Specialities of the House

Pot-roasted beef “Sauerbraten”
22,50 €

served in a raisin sauce, stewed apples and homemade small flour dumplings “Spätzle”

Prime boiled beef in bouillon
22,50 €

served with fresh vegetable and parsley potatoes

Calf´s head "en tortue"
24,50 €

served with Krützche-salad and potatoes

Main Dishes

Fresh Noodles with forest fruits
23,50 €

and beef fillet tips in a herbal cream

2 fried veal escalopes “Vienna Style“
23,50 €

served with „Krützche“- salad and fried potatoes or potato-endive-salad

Roast suckling pig, served with Savoy cabbage and fried potatoes
23,50 €
Lamb-chops from a young lamb in a rosemary sauce,
27,50 €

served with seasonal vegetable and fried potatoes

Calf´s liver fried in sage butter
25,50 €

served with saisonal vegetable and fried thymepotatoes

Calf´s sweetbreads fried in lemon butter with spinach
27,50 €

and thyme potatoes

Rump steak at its best (200g) with sauce béarnaise
27,50 €

served with krützche-saladand fried potatoes

Beef-Filet steak at its best "Café de Paris"
29,50 €

served with fresh market vegetable and thyme potatoes